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Aware of the importance of providing value to our shareholders, reliability to our clients and partners, and a fulfilling work environment to our people, the company responsibly addresses governance by establishing enhanced internal controls and procedural guidelines ...

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Our company’s compliance, anti-bribery and corruption policy and procedures include measures and guidance to assess risks, understand relevant laws and report concerns ...

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Risk Management

The company is exposed to typical risks seen in international energy trading businesses, which typically include but are not limited to market, price and currency risks ...

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Our Employees

S.E.T.’s key differentiator has always been our people and our team collaboration embedded in our strong values, which have been handed over by all SET generations ...

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Environmental Protection

We are committed to the ambition of reducing carbon emissions in our diverse operations, as well as providing sustainable and more environmentally friendly products to our customers ...

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We have a long-standing commitment to fair and modern business practices and ethics ...

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