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Crude Oil

We buy and store crude oil of various qualities and quantities worldwide and transport and sell these crude oils by sea, rail, road or pipeline to customers for consumption, further processing and on-sales. A large, familiar network of suppliers, partners and customers ensures independence, flexibility and transparency. Our team continuously monitors and evaluates global and regional supply- and demand trends.


We buy, store, transport and sell all oil and gas refinery products: LPG, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, gasoil, VGO, bitumen, waxes and base oils. In doing so, we can address a wide variety of customer needs through tailor-made logistics solutions and appropriate risk management.


From an early stage, SET has also been involved in the growing gas market (LNG, LPG, natural gas) through various shareholdings (including NB-Propangas-Service GmbH, NatGas AG, and Blue Gas GmbH) and has since systematically expanded its existing expertise in this market. S.E.T. is paying tribute to the new energy realities at the German and European gas/ LNG market. Our established and strategic contacts to local Government Authorities allows us to support the implementation and utilization of LNG import terminals in the near future. In parallel, we are developing and implementing new business models and infrastructure partnerships for future energies and fuels such as hydrogen and Bio LNG.

Alternative Energies

Through smaller investments and partnerships, we are also increasingly involved in the field of renewable energies.